The factory-supplied halogen headlight bulbs are dull and do not offer a very safe view while driving at night. LED headlights are not only brighter, but extend a further distance. This improves driving at night because it allows other drivers to see you better, and you to see better.

As you can see in the picture, LED's increase sight clarity and distance while driving at night.

The LED headlights we carry are made by Heise Lighting.


LED Headlights


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Accent lighting can completely overhaul the look of your vehicle. Get noticed by adding lighting underneath your vehicle or on the interior. This is all for aesthetics, but for those who truly love to be noticed, there's no better way than to add some lighting! The lights come in single-color or RGB functionality so you can choose the color you want.

In Texas, underglow lighting is 100% legal, so you will not have to worry about being stopped by police for lighting. This is not just for trucks, we can put these lights anywhere!

The lighting we carry is made by Heise Lighting.

Off-Road Lighting and Lightbars are a great way to increase visibility in places your headlights cannot reach. These ultra-bright lights expand the default headlights by offering wider lighting areas and incredibly far viewing distance, and can be put in a multitide of spots and angles.

The light bars we carry are made by Heise Lighting.

Off-Road Lighting and Light Bars

Accent Lighting and Rock Lights