Meeting the needs of each individual customer comes with personalization with every vehicle.
We build sound-systems, tint windows, add customized lighting, and secure your vehicle to meet your personal needs.
At the end of the day we're here to cater to you!

Vehicle manufactures are stepping their game up when it comes to the OEM sterio/audio systems they are putting in their new vehicle lines. As a result of this, professional installation is necessary to ensure your vehicles electrical systems stay in-tact.

At Audio Outlet not only will you get professional service, but also professional advice about your vehicle's systems

Window Film

Stereo, Audio, and Security Systems


The lighting services we provide stretch from LED Headlights and Halos to interior lighting. LED Headlights will increase viewing distance during the dark of night and improve night-time driving. LED Halos improve the look of the headlight by offering a surround that works during the day/night.

There are plenty of reasons why you should tint your windows. Feel free to call us and ask about them or click here

to read more about the different types of tint we offer.

1. Heat Reduction. This one is pretty obvious but the statistics are still impressive, as much as 60% cooler with tint, reducing strain on your AC system and on you and your family.

2. UV Reduction. You can choose from a variety of film levels and can block up to    99% of the sun's UV rays reducing damage to your eyes, skin, and vehicle interior.

3. Safety. Headlights, road glares, hail, and car accidents are all things we do our best to avoid but when we encounter them "Better safe than sorry" is no joke. Tint not only reduces strain to the eyes by blocking out road glare and overly bright lights but it also adds another element of safety by shatterproofing the glass.

4. Privacy. We all forget to grab our wallets or purses from time to time, tint is a great way to protect our belongings from the public eye and adds an increased level of defense from thieving bandits.

5. It Looks Cool. No one can deny that a darker or more reflective tint of any level adds a certian visual appeal to any vehicle, in addition to all the health, safety, and mechanically beneficial reasons to tint, it also looks awesome.